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Introduce yourself — who are you, where are you and what do you do?


I can confirm: for the WiMAX portable wifi router, a foreign credit card is acceptable.

The connection is reasonably fast and most of the time I can stream without buffering.

A few drawbacks however:
I have the “unlimited contract” of two years, which is actually not unlimited because you can use up to 3 gigabytes in 3 days. When you use more than 3 gb, it goes very slow (or not) for a day or so.
Another disadvantage is: if you stop the contract before the ending periode (2 years in my situation), you have to pay a fine (around 10000 yen if I remember well).
And the battery is dead after 6-7 hours but I guess that is the same for all pocket routers.
Outside of cities and in the subway tunnels, it works less (or not).


Linus, maybe you have an older version of the router I have? I’ve never got
close to using up the battery life in one day, but I have wifi at home, so
I only use it outside, so that could explain it. Also I’ve never had the 3
gigabyte problem, but I guess those 2 situations might also affect me if I
used the thing for all my wifi usage (home and outside).

The contract thing is pretty much the same with all Japanese phone and wifi
providers (including Docomo and Softbank). It really pisses me off. There
is only a one month window every 2 years when you can cancel without any
penalty. If you miss it, then it’s going to cost you. I’m sure I’m going to
forget when my 'window"; I keep meaning to check - I think it’s around
February next year, so someone please remind me!


Recently I’ve been taking strolls by Tamagawa. Especially since the weather is nice.

I’ll definitely check out Sankei-en. I love going to Yokohama :slight_smile:


Definitely check it out, it’s worth the trip :slight_smile:


My name is Lieke, I live in Shinjuku area and work at a Japanese company. I have been in Japan for about 3 years now, first living in Nagasaki and now in Tokyo.
For fun I like to hold picnics with my friends, watch movies, and travel whenever I get the chance.

My tip for Tokyo newcomers is: if you like trying new restaurants, try to go during lunch time. Many restaurants have lunch menus for around 1000 yen, sometimes less. The lunch menu is a great way to try different kinds of food without breaking the bank.


My name is Muge, I’m a civil engineer and I’ve been doing my Ph.D. at the University of Tokyo.

I live in Bunkyo area and I’ve been in Japan for 20 months.

For fun, I play tennis, swim and try to explore the city when I have the time.

My tip for newcomers: Buy/rent a bike. Start learning Japanese if you plan to stay long-term, and don’t give up :slight_smile:

I tried natto when I first came to Japan, but that is the only thing that I won’t eat again in Japanese cuisine.


Hi! Im AppleC from Singapore and am just arrived here for one week! I stay in Kawasaki and my apartment has a gorgeous view of Tama river and Tokyo Tower.

I am a fashion and commercial photographer -
Will be based here in Tokyo to expand my network and dive into the creative and fashion industry. Besides hanging out with the beautiful models and creative people, i love the greater nature and hiking.

Meanwhile i try to learn Japanese on my own and combine both my photography + hiking passions into one - yes i have shot fashion shoot up an active volcano and desert!

Tokyo being cited as the most expensive city to live in, i beg to differ!!
Having born and stayed in the most expensive places in the world, Singapore, which a Toyota car cost min. USD$100k and government accommodation cost half a mill.

Tips for anyone is to shop at supermarket and drug stalls! Meats, sushi, bento, fresh produces will go 50% off after 7pm almost all supermarket! Stock up your breakfast and meals for the next day - 12 sushi @ ‎¥300, 1kg pork shabu shabu @ ‎¥400 etc.

Look out for local made in Japan products, thats generally 1/2 half of imported goods and it has superb controlled quality!

Did i mention BookOff, Super Bazaar - Preloved books from ¥100, and branded clothes from ¥500. ABC Cooking - learn to how to cook Japanese dishes from ¥500 per lesson, they have english class in Roppongi.

Any one up for hiking volcanos or practicing Japanese? oh that’s without natto.


I’ve done a lot of hiking in Japan, but not much Volcano action yet, something I’d like to do too. I have been to Owakudani in Hakone, that was pretty interesting (and smelly). It’s currently closed as there’s still a volcanic alert from last year.

And I think we should have a running tally of the natto “yays and nays” - currently seems that the nays are winning :smiley:


Hey~ I’m Emily and I’m Tokyo Cheapo’s new intern :smiley: In the past, people have gotten a kick out of my initials: E—T--- :alien: I’ve been in Japan for a little over half a year while studying abroad at Sophia University. Once the semester ends I’ll be heading home to the US. Right now I live close to Kinshicho. I actually used to like natto when I was a kid. Like reallllly liked it, or so I’ve heard. But one unfortunate afternoon, I got sick after eating my beloved natto and threw up :confounded: and since then I have not liked it…

For a Cheapo tip, though maybe it’s more for the young people out there: if you’re looking for a chance to practice your Japanese but lack the opportunities for whatever reason, you can use Tinder or similar apps!


Alas I’m not sure I can square that with my girlfriend…


Hi Everyone, I’m Fan. Originated from China but grown up in Malaysia and Australia, currently live at Kuramae near Asakusa. I’ve been in and out of Japan for the past 3 years, most were travel with friends to different places but I dicided to stay longer this time for 3 month and attend a Japanese school.

Most of time I would go climbing at T-wall Kinshicho or running along the Sumidagawa. Hiking is also one of my favourite.

**Natto is great, try the Natto roll from 7-11, you’d love it. There is a restaurant have all-you-can-eat Natto meal :slight_smile:


HI, everybody!
I’ve been living in Fuchu, Tokyo since past April, and I came here as a student. I’m studying Japanese for a year, and then I will go to a Japanese University.
I like to read and to go to museums and explore nature, I don’t like natto, but apart from that, I’ve liked everything so far!
Being a newbie myself I don’t really know what would be the top Tokyo tip
Nice to meet you, and thank you for this wonderful page!


Let’s introduce ourselves!

Some standard questions to get the ball rolling, answer any or none of them, make up your own or do a little dance etc.

Hey everyone, my name is Keem! I’m a Hawaiian by race but born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I have been traveling Asia for 6 years already and now based in Tokyo, now I currently reside in Shinjuku and have been here for a year. I teach and work as a consultant for international schools. I am a surfer and I make beats. I love cooking, beer, and playing football. I haven’t tried Natto yet to be honest, and my one and only advice to Tokyo newbies is “work hard, Izakaya harder”.


Hi Keem! Thanks for joining us.
Where do you go surfing near Tokyo?


Hey man! I havent tried surfing here yet tbh


Hi everyone! Call me RennXu (a play on my given name Karen Sue). Not living in Tokyo, or Japan for that matter, but will be visiting for the first time this year. Japan is in the top half of my travel wishlist and I’m so excited. I’ve come across Tokyo Cheapo while researching for our trip itinerary. The posts have been so helpful.

I live in Manila, Philippines. Well, not actually in Manila (the capital city), but in Metro Manila (the National Capital Region or NCR). Visitors to our country often get that confused and get really ticked off when they find out that This-or-That-Hotel-Manila is actually located miles from the city of Manila. :smiley: Planning a trip to the PH soon? Just shoot me a question and I’ll try my best to help!

For fun, I’d love to travel. But I can’t really do that a lot because work. And budget. Haha. Outside work, I mostly spend time on the arts (literature, painting, music, cooking). At some point, I’ve tried learning several new languages (Spanish, French and German) at the same time, hahaha. But as our Tokyo trip is near, I’m reviewing Nihongo.

Hmm… I don’t think I’ve encountered natto yet. Or maybe I can’t remember. Should I try it?

My Tokyo newbie tip: Research! :slight_smile:


Salut RennXu!

Ha, try it and see :wink:

Hope you have a great trip - and thanks for the Manila/not Manila tips.


Gah, I’m scared. Hahaha :sweat_smile:

Appreciate the welcome. Maraming salamat!


Hello! I’m Javon, owner of I travel between America and Japan every year and travel all around. Although I always make it to Tsutsujigaoka area of Tokyo to help out with a yearly VBS program for some children in the nearby community and their parents.

I love to stay in Airbnb’s when possible in Japan and I have always wanted to try to hozugawa river cruise in arashiyama and stay at the hoshinoya. I love scuba diving and trying new foods. My top tip for Japan newbies is register some free wifi apps ahead so you don’t have to pay for pocket wifi or sim and you won’t be stressed as well. Those free apps can be found here.

Nope, I do not like natto. But I try to keep trying it so I can develop a taste for it at some point. Last time when I was talking to a Japanese friend, they showed me a Japanese food display similar to the food pyramid in America. I was shocked to find out there was a whole section for fermented foods and another section completely for soybeans.

For the past 15 years I have been experiencing Japan. And I’m now excited to start putting together some resources to help out new travelers. All of my resources can be found at onegreenbicycle .com

I also just launched a JR Pass Giveaway and you can enter by helping share my resources or submitting some of your favorite photos in Japan. So if you’ll be traveling around soon definitely like our facebook page and enter for a JR Pass for this summer/fall.


Hello. My name is Deenita. I live in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia.
I have always been fascinated with the Japanese culture, beauty and history. This will be my first trip to Japan. I haven’t been overseas in 23 years. So it’s been a long time between drinks! I have visited the USA twice, as well as Fiji, Noumea and Vanuatu. I am crazy about anime, especially Yuri on Ice, so much so I have organised my trip so I can visit Karatsu on which the main character’s home town is based on. This trip I will be visiting: Tokyo, Sapporo, Karatsu, Hiroshima and Nagano. As I am limited in funds Tokyo cheapo has been a blessing, the tips I have learnt will help me see the best of Tokyo at a fraction of a tour price. :grin: