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JR Tokyo Wide Pass and travel advice


Hi. I will be visiting Tokyo this coming Golden Week from Fukuoka. I know it will be a very busy and crowded time but it’s my only long vacation so I’m going to try it anyway. I will be visiting for eight days; the first four days in Tokyo and nearby tourist spots then the next 3 days for Nikko, Kawaguchiko or Hakone (with plan to stay for a night at Kawaguchiko). Then the last day in Tokyo for one more stroll and shopping. I am planning to buy jr tokyo wide pass then a suica card. Is it economical to alrady use the tokyo wide pass in the narita express from the airport to central tokyo or buy a separate RT narita express ticket instead then save the wide pass for my kawaguchiko, nikko, ibaraki, etc. destination?
Thanks in advance. I will be traveling solo by by the way.


Because the JR Tokyo Wide Pass is only valid for three days, it will probably be more economical to buy a separate Narita Express ticket for your journey into Tokyo from the airport. You could also save money by using one of the other transfer options:


Thank you so much fot the info. I will check it out.


One more question please. Is it worth it to buy the jr tokyo wide pass when going to mt fuji, kamakura, ibaraki and nikko? Or should i buy individual tickets instead?


hi pitz_034
probably worth it for mt fuji and nikko
I did a quick search on hyperdia e.g. from Tokyo station
-Tokyo–>Kawaguchiko one way ¥ 2,630, 177min
-Tokyo–>Nikko one way ¥ 5,580 107min
-Tokyo–>Kamakura one way is much cheaper ¥ 920 52min

For mt fuji/nikko, it might be important to reserve the tickets immediately after purchasing the tokyo wide pass.

For mt fuji, Kawaguchiko might be one of few options using the tokyo wide pass (and I recommend going on a clear day). Otherwise alternatives are the convenient bus day trips, or go to Hakone using hakone free pass (private train line).


Thank you for the response.
I already bought jr tokyo wide pass.
For the first day, Im planning to visit Kawaguchiko.
Second day will be hitachi seaside park.
Third day, im deciding between Kamakura, Nikko, or Hakone. Which place is better? Im after good landscape shots by the way.


(sorry I didn’t reply before your trip in golden week)
maybe nikko…


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